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Head of Departments

Dr. Abdul Karim Msaddi
Medical Director, Head of Neurosurgical and Spinal Dept.
Microsurgery-Minimally Invasive Brain & Spine Surgery
Head of the Back Pain Clinic
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Dr. Matthias Honl
Consultant Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery,
Head of Orthopedic Department
Head of the Joint Replacement Centre of Excellence
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Dr. Sarmad Al Fahad
Consultant Neurologist, MRCP UK,
FRCP International Advisor,
Royal College of Physician – London,
Professor of Neurology (Baghdad University)
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Dr. Ahmad Bitar
Head of Brain Tumors & Vascular Neurosurgery Unit
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Neurosurgeons & Spinal Surgeons

Abdul Karim Msaddi, MD

Medical Director, Head of Neurosurgical & Spinal Dept.
Microsurgery-Minimally Invasive Brain & Spine Surgery
  • French Board in Neurosurgery
  • European Board in Neurosurgery (EANS-European Association of Neurological Societies Examination)
  • University Diploma in Microsurgery, Paris
  • University Diploma in Human Neuro – Anatomy,Besancon
  • Professor in Spine Surgery
  • Past President & Co-Founder of Emirates Neuroscience Society
  • Chairman of scientific Committee & Spine Chapter
  • Chairman of Training Committee of Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society (PANS)
  • Chairman of Training Committee of Gulf Neurosurgical Committee
  • Chairman of Dubai Spine Conferences
  • Member of:
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)
  • World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS)
  • European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS)
  • EuroSpine (Spine Society of Europe)
  • International Society for the Advancement of Spine
  • Surgery (ISASS)
  • International Spine Intervention Society (ISIS)
  • International Neuromodulation Society (INS)
Specialisation Neurosurgeon, specialising in brain and spinal surgery including diagnosis and treatment of back pain, neck pain, nonsurgical techniques in back pain treatment, brain surgery, paediatric neurosurgery, interventional management of spasticity, failed back pain management, pain management particularly for cancer pain or intractable chronic pain, peripheral nerve injury treatment and nerve reconstruction
Contact +971 4 315 7711 (Patient Appointment)
+971 4 315 7733 (Office)
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Henry F.H. Halm, MD, PhD – Visiting Doctor

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Chief of Spine Surgery and Center for Scoliosis, Kilinikum Germany
  • Prof. Henry Halm is an expert in the surgical management of scoliosis in children and adults. He was elected as one of Germany’s top 50 spine surgeons from a pool of 2,000 candidates across the country in the professional journal of Orthopedic news “Orthopädische Nachrichten”. Prof. Halm is also deputy chief of the “German Association of Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic surgery” and an advisory member of the international high ranking journals: “European spine journal” and “Spine Arthroplasty Society Journal”.
  • Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Chief of Spine Surgery and Center for Scoliosis Kilinikum, Neustadt, Germany
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the European Spine Journal (Eur. Spine J.)
  • Member of the Spine Society of Europe (SSE).
  • Member of the German Orthopaedic and Trauma Society (DGOU).
  • Active Member of the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS).
  • Travelling Fellowship Award of the Scoliosis Research Society.
  • Leader of various seminars and workshops on anterior and posterior instrumentation techniques in USA, Europe and various countries around the>
Contact Professor Halm sees and operates patients at the Neuro Spinal hospital every three months. An NSH doctor will see you and conduct certain investigations before you are booked with Professor Halm. +971 4 315 7711 (Patient Appointment)
+971 4 315 7733 (Office)
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Walid Othman, MBCHB /FRCSED UK.

Consultant Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
  • FRCSED, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, U.K.
  • Past Head of Spine surgery Dept. in Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, KSA.
  • Speaker in many International Spine Meetings
  • More than 30 years of Extensive experience in Spine Surgery
  • Main experience is: Scoliosis and Deformities and Trauma Spinal Infections
Areas of Specialisation:
  • Cranio-cervical area – trauma
  • Cervical spine trauma – disc and D.D
  • Scoliosis of adolescents
  • Lumbar and thoracolumbar trauma
  • Spine infection
Accomplishments: Member of : Neuroscience society of Saudi Arabia
Contact +971 4 315 7711 (Patient Appointment)
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Catalin Nicolae Majer, MD

Neuro & Spine Surgeon
  • MD, Neurosurgery
  • Romanian Board in Neurosurgery training in SpineSurgery in Australia, Germany & USA
  • Member in European Association of Neurosurgical
  • Societies, World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies and Emirates Neuroscience Society
  • Microsurgery of the Cervical and Lumbar Disc Herniation.
  • Spinal Trauma
  • Spinal Fixation for Degenerative
  • Instability and other Disease
  • Cervical Total Disc Replacement (C.TDR)
Contact +971 4 315 7711 (Patient Appointment)
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Sebouh Z. Kassis, MD

Neuro & Spine Surgeon
  • Belgian Board Diploma in Neurosurgery
  • University Diploma in Neurosurgery and Neurology,Lyon France
  • Member of : Belgian Society of Neurosurgery, European Association of Neurosurgical Societies,
  • Emirates Neuroscience Society & World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies
  • Endoscopic and Microsurgery for: Pituitary Adenomas
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Microsurgery with Spinal Navigation
  • Spinal Fixation and Stabilization for Degerative and Traumatic Spine Disease
  • Cervical Total Disc Replacement (C.TDR)
Contact +971 4 315 7711 (Patient Appointment)
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Karim Ben Hamouda, MD

Specialist Neurosurgeon
  • MD, Neurosurgery
  • Associate Professor in Neurosugery at the National Institute of Neurology, Tunis
  • Training in Paris, the Netherlands, and U.S.A.
  • Member of: Congress of Neurosurgical Surgeons, American Association of Neurological Surgeons, and European Association of Neurological Surgeons
Specialisation Brain tumor microsurgery (including skull base surgery), minimally invasive neurosurgery, neuronavigation, stereotactic neurosurgery, functional neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery, malformations, vascular neurosurgery, head injuries, spinal cord microsurgery, spine surgery
Contact +971 4 315 7711 (Patient Appointment)
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Ahmad Bitar,MD

Neurosurgeon, Head of Brain Tumors & Vascular Nuerosurgery Unit
  • French Board in Neurosurgery
  • European Board in Neurosurgery – European Association of Neurological Societies (EANS)
  • Permanent Member of French Neurosurgical Society
  • Neurosurgeon at La Salpetriere Hospital. Paris (The most important Neurological Hospital in Europe) since 1978
  • University Diploma in Microsurgery, University Paris VI
  • University Diploma in Pain Management. University Paris VII
  • University Diploma in Neuroanatomy. University Paris V
  • University Diploma in Neurophysiology. University Paris VI
  • University Diploma in Medical Computing. University Paris VI
  • Past Lecturer at the faculty of Medicine in Neuroanatomy. University Paris VI
  • Lecturer Of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Nursing Schools of Paris Hospitals
  • Chairman of Franco-Syrian Medical Congress
  • Head Of Brain Unit Head of Brain Unit, Neuro Spinal Hosptial, Dubai
Specialisation: Brain and Spinal cord Tumors. Special experience for Brain Tumors surgery under “ Awake Surgery” conditions with “Brain Mapping”. Brain vascular micro- surgery : Brain Aneurysms, Brain and spinal cord Vascular pathology. Management of Trigeminal Neuralgia by medical, thermocoagulation “Radiofrequency” and surgery.
Contact +971 4 315 7711 (Patient Appointment)
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 Dr. Debora  Garozzo – Visiting Doctor

Specialist Neurosurgeon

Dr. Debora is a specialist Neurosurgeon with over 20 years of postgraduate experience in neurological and neurosurgical conditions including entrapment of the nerves and traumatic injuries, as well as tumors of the peripheral nerves. Dr. Debora is a member of many professional international bodies and quality committees.  She joins the NSH team bringing with her wealth of experience in her field from leading institutions around the world including Italy, Sweden, Germany and Shanghai.

  • Medical degree, Palermo University, Italy
  • Medical Doctorate in neurosurgery, university of Verona, Italy
  • Member of the Indian society of peripheral nerve surgery. 
  • Member of the Peripheral Nerve Surgery Committee of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.
  • Member of the Italian society of neurosurgery (SINCH)


Department Neurosurgery
Specialisation: Entrapment of the nerves:

    • Median nerve : Carpal tunnel syndrome, pronator syndrome
    • Ulnar nerve :  entrapment at the elbow
    • Radial nerve: entrapment at froehse arcade.
    • Supra scapular nerve: entrapment at the scapular notch
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome, chest syndrome
    • Sciatic nerve : Piriformis syndrome
    • Common peroneal nerve: entrapment
    • Meralgia paresthetica
    • Tibial nerve: Tarsal tunnel.

Traumatic injuries of peripheral nerves

    • Brachial plexus injuries.
    • Lumbosacral plexus injuries.
    • Nerve injuries of the upper limb.
    • Nerve injuries of the lower limb.

Tumors of the peripheral nerves

  • Tumors of the peripheral nerves in patients suffering from neurofibromatosis
Contact  +971 4 315 7711 (Patient Appointment) opd@nshdubai.comTo make an appointment, click here


Sarmed Al Fahad, MD

Consultant Neurologist, MRCP UK,
FRCP International Advisor,
The Royal College of Physician – London,
Professsor of Neurology (Baghdad University)
  • MD, MRCP, UK, including training at the National
  • Hospital for Neurological Diseases in London
  • FRCP, Glasgow
  • FRCP, London
  • Co-Founder and Past President of Neuroscience Society of Iraq
  • Past President of the Iraqi Chapter of Epilepsy
  • Member of Emirates Neuroscience Society and
  • Emirates Neurosurgical Society
  • Vast experience in Epilepsy, Movement Disorder , Stroke and peripheral nerve involvement
  • Headache
  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Neurophysiology : EMG-NCS • Stroke • EEG & Long term video EEG Monitoring
Contact +971 4 315 7877 (Patient Appointment)
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Sarmad Al Shamma, MD

Specialist Neurologist
  • FIBMS, Iraqi Board of Medical Specialisation in Neurology
  • Attending Different International Training Course in Neurological Diseases
  • Member of Emirates Neuroscience Society and
  • Emirates Neurological Society
Specialisation Epilepsy, headache, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord and neuromuscular disorder
Contact +971 4 315 7877 (Patient Appointment)
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Orthopaedics Surgeons

Matthias Honl, MD

Consultant Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery,
Head of Orthopedic Department
  • MD, German Medical Board in Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma Surgery
  • Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Head of the Orthopaedic Department
    Neuro Spinal Hospital Dubai, UAE
    Dr. Matthias Honl is a top specialist in Orthopedic Surgery with a wealth experience which started in 1988. His expertise and skills were utilized in various countries such as Germany, Austria and US.
    Born and educated in Dusseldorf, Germany, Dr. Matthias Honl completed his medical studies at Heinrich- Heine University, Dusseldorf. Afterwards, acquired German certification in Sports Medicine, Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery, Rheumatology and Physiotherapy.
    Dr. Honl’s specialties range from Total Joint Replacement of Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Ankle; Reconstructive Surgeries and Osteotomies of Lower Limbs including Pelvis, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Surgeries of Shoulder, Knee and Ankle, ACL reconstruction, and water-jet implementation and, esteemed as one of the most sought-after experts in water-jetting, winning grants from international organizations, and a prestigious award from the German Education and Research Administration at Science Street, Leipzig.
    Dr. Honl has been practicing for more than 26 years and Paediatric cases are of special interest to him. He has been treating Paediatric General and Specific Conditions on daily bases such as Growth Plate Fractures, Perthes Disease, Club Foot, Bowed Legs and Back Pain in Children.
    With more than 30 academic papers to his name, Dr. Honl has written 6 text book chapters and holds 6 patents to his credit for various instruments and techniques.
    Dr. Honl has won around eight prestigious awards including the 2003 ‘New Investigator Award of the Orthopedic Research Society for the topic – ‘Comparison of Robotic versus conventional manual implantation of THR’.
    Dr. Honl possesses PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics from the Technical University of Hamburg and he is the inventor of the Silent Hip TM, (short stem total hip joints for young patients).
    His teaching experience includes a lecturer at the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf from 1990 to 2000, seminar teacher, cadaveric course instructor and frequently invited to give lectures in many international and local Conferences.
    In 2013 Dr. Honl was one of the honored leading Orthopaedic Specialists from UAE by the Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi.
  • Total Joint Replacement of hip, knee, shoulder and ankle.
  • Reconstructive Surgeries and Osteotomies of lower limbs including pelvis.
  • Sports Medicine, arthroscopic surgeries of shoulder, knee and ankle. Ligament surgeries such as ACL replacement.Foot and ankle; and Paediatric Orthopaedics.
Contact +971 4 315 7761 (Patient Appointment)
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IMG_3336_1Pascal Christel, MD
Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Pascal Christel is a former professor at Didier Diderot Paris University France. For more than 30 years his activity is focused on sports surgery. In France he was a pioneer in arthroscopy and performed his first case in 1980. Since then he has perform more than 10,000 ACL and other ligaments reconstructions. He has trained many residents and fellows and is a member of most of the prestigious orthopedics, sports medicine and arthroscopy societies. His practice is not limited to knee surgery but also covers all the other fields of sports injuries and degenerative diseases like arthritis of the knee, hip, shoulder, etc. He is a reviewer for the main international sports medicine journals. He has produced numerous peer review articles and book chapters and currently has around 100 papers listed by

  • Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • PhD (Thesis on Hip Biomechanics)
  • MD, Pitie – Salpetriere Medical School, Paris
  • Member of the European Society for Sports, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA)
  • Member of American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine ( AOSSM)
  • Member of International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine ( ISAKOS)
  • Member of Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon ( AAOS, International Membership)
  • Member of Arthroscopy Association of North America ( AANA): Honorary member
  • Member of Helenic Arthroscopy Association ( HAA): Honorary member
  • Member of Saudi Arthroscopy Association
Department Orthopaedic 
Specialization: Sports Surgery – ACL and other ligaments reconstructions – knee surgeries -  all fields of sports injuries and degenerative diseases like arthritis of the knee, hip, shoulder, etc
Contact  +971 4 315 7711 (Patient Appointment)
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Neuro-urologists & Urologists

Ramiz Atassi, MD

Urology, Andrology & Neurogenic Bladder
  • M.B.CH.B University of Granada
  • MD Urology (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Spanish Board in Urology
  • Fellow- ship Endourology and ESWL, Institute of Urology
  • Nephrology and Andrology (Fudacion puigvert),Barcelona ,Spain
  • Certificate of Training on Urological Laparoscopy, American Urological Association, Huston, USA.
  • Certificate of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, European Institute of Telesurgery, Strasburg, France.
  • Certificate of completion in major Laparoscopic Surgery and Urinary Diversion Institute of Urology and Nephrology, Mansoura Egypt.
  • Certificate of Completion in Use of Holmium:Yag Laser In Urology, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Riyadh,Saudi Arabia.
  • Active membership in the European Association of Urology
  • Registered Urological Surgeon at the British GMC
Specialisation Urological Surgeon , Endourology including all kinds of stone’s management, Laparoscopic Urology, Upper and lower Urinary Tract Diseases including Renal tumours, Bladder tumours, Prostate with Benign and Malignant Conditions , Neurourology in adult and paediatric patients ,Females with Unstable Bladders and Incontinence problems, Male Infertility and Male Sexual dysfunction.
Contact +971 4 315 7877 (Patient Appointment)
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General Surgeons

Bassam Noah , MD , PhD

General & Laparoscopic Surgeon,
Thyroid, Breast, Colon & Rectal Surgery
  • German board of surgery, University of Leipzig
  • Internship in anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine, University of Leipzig
  • PhD in Traumatology, University of Leipzig
  • Fachkunde Rettungsdienst (member of the team of trauma and emergency medicine), Saechsische Landesaerzte Kammer Leipzig
Specialisation Focus on abdominal organs, e.g., intestines including stomach, small bowel, colon, rectum liver, and gallbladder. thyroid gland surgery with neuro monitoring and breast-tumors. he also deal with diseases involving the skin, soft tissue, hernias, hemorrhoids and fistula.

  • Breast surgery
  • Endocrine surgery
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Trauma surgery
  • Vascular surgery (varicose veins Surgery)
  • Dermatological Surgery
  • Acronyx Surgery
  • Implantation of i.v ports
Contact +971 4 315 7877 (Patient Appointment)

General Practitioners

Layla Ahmed Najm
Qualification M.B.CH.B Mosul Medical College
Specialisation General Practitioner
Contact +971 4 315 7711

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapists

Kaydar M. Al-Chalabi, MD

Specialist Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation PM&R
  • MD: M.B.Ch.B. College of Medicine, Mosul University, IRAQ
  • M.Sc. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
  • Training in Stoke Mandeville Hospital/National Spinal Injuries Center UK
  • Training in Imperial College of Medicine – London
Membership Member of International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS),International Continence Society (ICS), International Society of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM), Emirates Neuroscience Society (ENS), Emirates Osteoporosis Society (EOS), Emirates Society of Rheumatology (ESR)
  • Neurorehabilitation:Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injuries,Spinal Cord Injuries,Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathies, Cerebral Palsy,etc.
  • Neurogenic Bladder, Bowel & Fertility Dysfunction Rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation Of:Rheumatologic Diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gouty Arthritis, Osteoporosis etc.)
  • Local Pains:Neck , Back ,Joints & Muscles Pain.
  • Intra Articular & Trigger point Therapy
  • Amputation RehabilitationUrodynamic TestingSports Injuries
Contact +971 4 315 7711 (Patient Appointment)
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Interventional Radiologist

Sandeep K Burathoki, MD

Interventional Neuroradiologist
  • MBBS,MD (Radiology)
  • DM (Neuroimaging and interventional Neuroradilogy)
  • Member of: World federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (WFITN); European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy (ESMINT)
Specialisation Interventional Neuroradiology:

  • Endovascular Coiling of cerebral Aneurysm,
  • Cerebral AVM embolization ,
  • Endovascular treatment of Acute Stoke,
  • Carotid Artery stenting, etc.
Contact +971 4 315 7722


Dr. Nedaa Ali
  • M.B.CH.B in 1974
  • D.A Baghdad University Hospital 1987
  • D.A Vienna University hospital in 1984
  • Specialization Certificate Vienna University hospital in 1986
  • Clinical attachment in Neuroanaesthesia 2009
  • 2011 in Donoa Spital University in Vienna
Specialisation Specialist Anaesthesist
Contact +971 4 315 7752
Dr. Maissa AlkayemDr. Maissa Alkayem
  • A.F.S.A anaesthesia, Louis Pasteur Strasbourg, France
Specialisation Specialist Anaesthesist
Contact +971 4 315 7752

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