European Spine Course Diploma

For years the EuroSpine, the Spine Society of Europe (SSE) has found the task of educating health care personal in spinal pathologies and developing treatment strategies of great importance.  In 2009, the SSE decided to initiate a new European Education program focusing on establishing European education standards, both for coming spine specialists and as part of continuous education.

A new European Education Program can only be implemented and be successful through the involvement and support of National Spine Societies of Europe and cross border Societies with spine focus.

The SSE wants to position itself as a major driving force in Spine Education within Europe to act as a reference point and resource for all Spine Societies struggling with similar issues at local level, including Surgical Societies such as Neurosurgery, Scoliosis but also non surgical European Societies involved in the care of spinal disorders.

To qualify this European Education Program, the SSE has the vision to deliver a Spine Diploma program at both European and National level.

Once a course participant has completed the 5 European Spine Course Diploma’s modules he will be entitled to receive the European Spine Course Diploma and will be considered according to the SSE and ESF standards or every professional Society supporting this European Education plan as having successfully fullfilled  the European Spine Course Diploma curriculum.

With adequate authorization, the EuroSpine Foundation will provide the list of the Spine Specialists who have graduated to all stakeholders in relation with the Foundation, i.e Health Care Institutions or Health Care Payers interested in receiving reference lists or other “value propositions”.

The European Spine Course Diploma is now available for spine specialists in Dubai with 2 modules offered every 6 month. The first 2 modules were given from the 26 to the 28th of November 2011 in Dubai and was a great success. To find out about the next modules in Dubai or elsewhere please visit: EuroSpine Foundation

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