Before Your Admission

In order to begin treatment at the Neuro Spinal Hospital, you must first be formally admitted. Ideally, all of the paperwork involved during admission should be handled before you arrive for treatment.

The following guide will help you navigate the admission process, but you may always contact us directly with your questions or particular concerns.

Starting the Admission Process

Contact the Admissions Office to begin the admission process. At the Admissions Office, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Choose your accommodations
  • Get information about any necessary pre-admission procedures
  • Discuss payment options
  • Arrange for a patient escort for your procedure
  • Make travel arrangements (if necessary)
  • Address any non-medical concerns you might have

The Admissions Officer will make the following arrangements for you:

Room Booking

For overnight stays, you can choose from our VIP suites, private and semi-private rooms. Long-term patients who do not require major surgery may stay in our rehabilitation ward. (Discounted packages are only available for semi-private rooms.)

Guest Accommodation

A family member or friend can accompany you during your stay. Please inform the Admissions Officer and he will ensure proper accommodations and meals are arranged for your loved one. You may have a maximum of one person accompany you for an additional fee of Dhs 150 per night.

Financial Matters and Payment Terms

Patients who self-pay may ask the Admissions Office for a detailed cost estimate. You will be asked to make an 80% down payment at the time of admission. The balance is due at the time of discharge.

If you are insured through a company or government entity, arrangements must be made through the hospital to obtain a letter of guarantee or approval for treatment. Please check this site for information on our network of insurance companies. For more details on payment modes and terms, please refer to financial information. Payment can be made in cash, credit card, or by company cheque. Personal cheques are not accepted. The hospital accepts the following currencies:

  • GCC currencies
  • US dollars
  • Euro

The prevailing exchange rate at the time of payment will be used for foreign currencies.

Financial Information

Below is a summary of key financial information you need for your stay at Neuro Spinal Hospital. If your concerns are not addressed here or if you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office.

Self-Paying Patients

If you are paying for your own care, you may request a written estimate of the cost of treatment from the Admissions Office. Eighty percent (80%) of the total estimated amount is to be paid at the time of admission.

If you have purchased a discounted package, you are required to pay the full package amount at the time of admission.

Payment can be made in cash, credit card, or by company cheque. Personal cheques are not accepted. The hospital accepts the following currencies:

  • GCC currencies
  • US dollars
  • Euro

The prevailing exchange rate at the time of payment will be used for foreign currencies.

Insured Patients

Insured patients will be contacted once approval has been received. You may get more information on our network of insurance companies.

Government-sponsored Patients

If you are sponsored by a government entity, for example, the Ruler’s Office, the military or a foreign embassy, then you will need to provide us with a letter of guarantee for payment. This letter should be addressed to the Neuro Spinal Hospital. In order to be valid and accepted by the Neuro Spinal Hospital, this letter must be dated and bear an official seal. If you have any difficulties in this regard, please ask for our Admissions Officer’s assistance.

Company-sponsored Patients

If your employer agrees to pay for your treatment, the Neuro Spinal Hospital requires an official letter of guarantee for payment. In some cases, a down payment on the estimated cost of treatment may be required. In most cases, the Admissions Officer will liaise directly with your employer to obtain this letter, You will be involved only if there is some question.

All Prospective Patients

In all cases, no admission can take place without either a cash deposit for self-paying patients, an approval for insurance patients, or a letter of guarantee for other patients.For further clarifications on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Office at + 9714 315 7878.

Pre-anaesthetic Examination

If you are being admitted for surgery, you must meet with the anaesthetist at least 48 hours before surgery. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss anaesthesia administration, learn what restrictions you might have the night before surgery, and undergo some general blood tests. Older patients may require a cardiac examination. The Admissions Officer will arrange this appointment for you

Getting Ready for Your Stay

You will receive a reminder call 24 hours before your scheduled admission to tell you:

  • What time you should be at the hospital
  • What payment you should make (if any)
  • What to bring

The hospital is not responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings. Although the hospital has a safe available for patients (contact the Admissions Office), for your protection, we recommend that you not bring valuables or large amounts of cash with you to the hospital.

Transfers To and From the Neuro Spinal Hospital

Transfers to the Neuro Spinal Hospital from within the United Arab Emirates or from overseas can be arranged through the Admissions Office subject to agreement from the admitting physician. The Admissions Office will be pleased to help international patients make travel arrangements.

Patients who wish to be transferred out of the Neuro Spinal Hospital to another facility or to leave the country may also make arrangements through the Admissions Office.

Ambulance Transport

For patients unable to sit or who may require special care during admission, discharge, or outpatient appointments, a special ambulance transport is available upon request. A nurse or physician escort will ride with you in the ambulance.

Admission Waiting List

In certain unavoidable situations, non-emergency patients may be placed on a waiting list if no beds are immediately available. Emergency and critical patients are always given priority, and we regret that this may sometimes cause brief delays for non-emergency patients. If no bed is available at your scheduled time, you will be placed on a waiting list and the Admissions Officer will make sure you get a bed as quickly as possible. While you are on the waiting list, the Admissions Officer will keep in contact with you and keep you apprised of your status.


The Neuro Spinal Hospital recognises that visiting the hospital for treatment can be a stressful time. We aim to make it as easy, convenient, and clear to you as possible in terms of what you need to do for admission. Our Admissions Office is eager and pleased to answer your questions or to assist you during these steps.

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