Annual Dubai Spine Conference

Every year, the Neuro Spinal Hospital in Dubai organizes a unique and important medical conference in order to present the latest surgical techniques, research, and management strategies in neurology and spinal care.

This important conference:

  • Offers presentations on the latest techniques in neurological and spine surgery by thought leaders from around the world
  • Brings together physicians and other clinicians to network and share opinions
  • Introduces state-of-the-art technology and techniques to clinicians from all over the world
  • Provides a unique educational activity for neurosurgeons and specialists
  • Underscores important themes in spine medicine
  • Gives a forum for experts and opinion leaders to share their findings
  • Showcases the latest technologies and innovations in the field
  • Highlights the importance of neurological and spine medicine advancement
  • The Dubai Spine Conference is held every year and each conference has a theme chosen for its particular importance in spine medicine.

For more information on our upcoming conference please visit: Dubai Spine Conferences

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